Flexible Itineraries

Our daily paddling routes are entirely flexible.  Our guides continually assess changeable west coast conditions when choosing appropriate routes.  The itineraries provide a general outline of each trip, yet no two trips are ever alike.

Some Cape Freeman Expeditions don't reach Cape Freeman.  The last few miles before the Cape are an entirely exposed outer coast traverse.  If conditions are unsuitable for this traverse, we change course and alter the route.  When our guides make this decision, the expedition explores the more protected regions described in the Waters of SGang Gwaay itinerary.  When group members maintain flexible attitudes, the new route works out very well.  Participants are encouraged to avoid "destination orientation."  Our primary focus is to simply enjoy where we are, and comply with the conditions we get.

Our flexible itineraries bend both ways.  Sometimes, conditions become so calm and stable that a Waters of SGang Gwaay tour is able to explore regions of the outer coast.  Please see our route map and itineraries.

Oftentimes, the main difference between the Waters of SGang Gwaay tour and Cape Freeman Expedition seems to be the level of experience participants believe they have.  Paddlers who feel experienced are often drawn to the Cape Freeman Expedition.  Less experienced kayakers tend to prefer the Waters of SGang Gwaay tour.
Ultimately, a person's flexible and positive attitude, combined with an openness to learning, can become far more important than their perceived level of experience.

Participants may want to consider one of our "softer" accommodation tours, or using our double kayak.  Please read about inviting a friend or partner.

Those who are seeking a truly challenging educational adventure may be interested in the Evolution Expedition.

You are welcome to contact Gord if you have any questions about our tours and expeditions.

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