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Cape Freeman

Trip Itinerary
Cape Freeman Expedition   8 Days

Group size is six participants plus two guides.
Each person is equipped with a single kayak.
This expedition is designed for kayakers with
reasonable boat-handling abilities.
Personal Preparation
Route Map

Speedboat transport

Day One - Cape Freeman Expedition

The journey begins in Sandspit, British Columbia.  Participants are picked up at Seaport B&B (or another Sandspit accommodation of your choice) for the one-hour van ride to Moresby Camp.  Here, you board a speedboat for transport to the southern tip of the archipelago.  Arrive around midday at the tiny, isolated community of Rose Harbour to begin your kayak journey.

Days Two to Seven

The Cape Freeman Expedition begins by paddling through the same region we explore during the Waters of SGang Gwaay tour.  Depending on conditions, the Cape Freeman Expedition continues further west and north along the outer coast.  For details, see the route map.

Mossy campsite SGang Gwaay

The Cape Freeman Expedition first approaches the outer coast, then proceeds up the west side of Moresby Island if conditions permit.  Paddle beyond the edge of the continent to explore the remote and rarely visited west coast of Gwaii Haanas.

Our guides assess conditions to determine if we may paddle the exposed outer coast to reach the Cape.  Guides also consider the likelihood of conditions remaining stable enough for us to return within a reasonable time-frame.  Cape Freeman Expedition participants are generally able to experience the exhilarating and humbling qualities of kayaking along one exposed edge of our planet's largest ocean.

Sea Kayak Haida Gwaii

The weather, sea state and ability of the group will be taken into consideration during each day of this intermediate kayak journey.  To accommodate changeable outer coast conditions, the kayaking itinerary remains flexible.  We generally paddle to a new campsite each day the weather and sea conditions allow us to.

The Cape Freeman Expedition also provides the opportunity to visit the ancient Haida village of Ninstints on Anthony Island.  This extraordinary historical settlement is a United Nations World Heritage Site, also known as SGang Gwaay.

Moresby Island

While it is nearly assured we will paddle to the ancient Haida village of SGang Gwaay, it is not always possible to reach Cape Freeman during this expedition, as the last few miles before the Cape are an entirely exposed outer coast traverse.  If conditions are unsuitable for this exposed traverse, we change course and alter the route.  When our guides make this decision, the expedition explores the more protected regions described in the Waters of SGang Gwaay itinerary.  To fully enjoy this remote North Pacific region, participants are encouraged to maintain an attitude of maximum flexibility.

For a week, this expedition explores and camps in this truly wild region of British Columbia's northwest coast.

On the second-to-last day, we return to Rose Harbour.  Here, we indulge in wood-fired hot showers and dinner hosted by the local residents.  These fascinating homesteaders are happy to provide a glimpse into their unique self-sufficient lifestyles.

Our last night is spent in the fabulous Rose Harbour Guest House; a lovely, rustic accommodation carefully hand-built by resident musician Götz Hanisch.

For Rose Harbour photos and information, please see:  Kayak Guesthouse Vacation

Day Eight

The speedboat arrives in Rose Harbour to transport the group to Sandspit.  Depending on conditions, the boat may pass through Burnaby Narrows.  At the end of the day, you are returned to Seaport B&B, or another Sandspit accommodation of your choice.

The Cape Freeman Expedition is designed for kayakers who have accumulated some experience and developed reasonable boat-handling abilities.  Even with accomplished paddlers, we ask each group member to cooperate with our professional risk management guidelines.  Our groups remain with the guides when on the water; there are limited opportunities to paddle without the guides.  Those who may not appreciate this style of group-oriented risk management are encouraged to consider a self-guided trip.

Accurate expectations are important.  Those interested in this unique expedition are requested to view our preparation details and complete the Butterfly way questionnaire before registering.  This simple process encourages compatible attitudes and cohesive abilities on our more advanced expeditions.

Routes and itineraries remain very flexible to accommodate changeable west coast conditions.  Alternate boat or floatplane transport may be substituted.  In order to confirm this trip, two people must register in advance.

What's the difference between Cape Freeman Expedition & Waters of SGang Gwaay?

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