Group Discounts

Discounts are offered to groups of four or more people who register together and provide full payment in advance.  The most significant savings are provided to groups who register earliest and whose members fill all spaces on a trip.

Before registering, each group member is asked to read Personal Preparation.

To learn more about our style of travel, please see the Buttefly way questionnaire.

Sometimes, it is difficult to reach a point where every member of a group is ready to financially commit to a trip at the same time.  If so, group members may want to consider registering individually - please see:  Reservations

Group Discount Reservations

Contact us to request a group discount quote; please include your group size, preferred trip date and currency (Canadian or American dollars).

Group discount quotes are valid for seven days.

To make a group discount reservation, please respond within seven days of receiving your quote.  To make a reservation, provide the name and email address of each group member.  At this point, we will hold space for one week if the trip still has sufficient availability.

Group members receive access to our password-protected online resource.  The resource includes printable files containing the equipment list, medical form, waiver and terms.

To confirm a group discount, completed medical forms, waivers, terms and full payment must be received by Butterfly Tours within one week of the reservation.
Forms may be sent as PDF files via email, provided the resolution is adequate for printing legibly and each document is submitted in its entirety.

Payment is accepted by cheque.
Please send a single cheque for the group's entire payment.
Express mail may be necessary.

Group Cancellations & Transfers

Once a group discount has been confirmed, there is no refund if a group member cancels.  Please consider cancellation insurance.

In the unlikely event that we must cancel a trip, you will have the choice of a free transfer to another trip, or a full refund of your payment to Butterfly Tours.

The cancellation policy does not apply to group discounts.

Alternatively, individuals may register by paying a deposit.
Our cancellation policy would then apply.
For details, see:  Reservations

Please contact Gord if you have any questions.

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