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Butterfly Tours is owned and operated through its sister company At the Water’s Edge Adventures. We are a back-to-nature kayaking company, prioritizing adventure over luxury. Butterfly Tours is owned and operated by Level Three Sea Kayak guides through the Sea Kayak Guide Alliance of BC. The new owners of Butterfly tours are guides first before business owners and are excited to facilitate experiences in one of the most diverse and incredible kayaking destinations in the world, Gwaii Haanas. We pride ourselves in helping guests appreciate the entire harmonious ecosystem and culture of the area we paddle in. Let us share our passion for this magical area with you on an adventure that will leave you changed forever.

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Northern Gwaii Haanas

8 Day Tour

Venture into Northern Gwaii Haanas National Park for an 8-day adventure through the nutrient rich waters of Haida Gwaii

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Southern Gwaii Haanas

8 Day Tour

Endeavor into Southern Gwaii Haanas National Park for an 8-day wilderness journey towards SGang Gwaay

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Butterfly tours explore the isolated and pristine east side of Gwaii Haanas, an area preserved in its natural state.

We will leave behind all signs of civilization and explore the supernatural coastline of Gwaii Haanas, which consists of island clusters, jutting headlands, sheltered inlets, and secluded beaches.

Humpback whales, ancient murrelets, salmon, and tufted puffins thrive in this rich and diverse marine environment.

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