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Butterfly Tours provides quality equipment, selected specifically for kayak touring on Haida Gwaii. Our kayaking gear and tents are maintained in excellent condition and replaced every few years in order to ensure that our participants enjoy the use of reasonably new equipment. Butterfly tours uses both single and double kayaks that are handmade on Vancouver Island by Seaward Kayaks.

Seaward Tyee single fibreglass kayaks are provided.

Seaward Tyee kayak on the beach, ideal for paddlers of all levels in Haida Gwaii

The Seaward Tyee kayak is pleasantly responsive while remaining predictable and forgiving in a wide variety of sea conditions. This fine fiberglass craft is well suited to both inexperienced and accomplished paddlers. We have 6 Tyees - more than enough for each tour guest and expedition participant to paddle one.

Seaward G3 Passat kayak, stable and seaworthy, available in Haida Gwaii tour fleet

The Seaward G3 Passat is acclaimed by adventure racers. This boat has greater stability than most single kayaks and tracks well. For a double kayak is it sleek and edge effortlessly. It is safe, strong, and seaworthy in the most challenging waters. We will have either one or two Passat G3’s in the fleet per tour.

Our kayaks are strong and seaworthy; they come fully equipped with a foot-operated rudder, two hatches with sealed bulkheads, a paddle and spare paddle, a Transport Canada approved PFD, a neoprene sprayskirt and a bilge pump.

Seawards adjustable seat has a padded, pivoting backrest that provides comfort while touring. Our kayaks can properly fit a wide range of people.

Many kayakers seek the freedom and rewards of paddling their own craft, yet not everyone prefers to be responsible for the propulsion of their own vessel. We offer single kayaks to most guests, but we like to travel with at least one double in the fleet for safety reasons. We rotate guests so that everyone who wants to spend time in a single kayak has the opportunity, so you will have to spend some time in a double kayak as well.

Single kayaks are significantly different than double kayaks:

  • Single kayaks have one seat, allowing an individual to be responsible for both the propulsion and direction of their own boat. They provide each paddler with greater control and independence while increasing the opportunity to develop paddling skills. Many people prefer the additional rewards and challenges provided by single kayaks.
  • Double kayaks have two seats, requiring two people to paddle in the same boat. Only the person in the stern (rear) seat of a double kayak has directional control of the vessel, through use of the foot-operated rudder. Two people may join a trip and use our double kayak if they prefer to paddle in the same boat.


Each person is provided with the choice of a variety of paddles, including: Lightweight Aqua-Bound carbon straight-shaft paddles, as well as ergonomic wood bent-shaft paddles made by Bending Branches. Our carbon paddles are noticeably lighter than wood paddles, yet some kayakers prefer the aesthetic qualities of wood.

Our paddle selection ranges in length from 210 to 240 cm.

Ergonomic bent-shaft wooden paddles by Bending Branches, with focus on the shaft

Ergonomic wooden bent-shaft paddle by Bending Branches, with focus on the blade

PFDs - Personal Flotation Devices

We provide high quality Salus Ungava personal flotation devices in four different sizes.

Enjoy the benefits of wearing these comfortable, fully adjustable and Transport Canada approved PFDs.

Salus Ungava personal flotation devices in four sizes, showcasing high quality


The MSR Hubba Hubba tents provided on our wilderness kayak journeys are supreme quality, expedition-tested shelters constructed by Mountain Safety Research.

We supply enough tents so that everyone can sleep in their own private shelter if they wish.

MSR Hubba Hubba tents, expedition-tested shelters, provided for Haida Gwaii kayaking trips

Arriving with appropriate outdoor clothing is essential to each guest's comfort and personal well-being during the trip. A detailed clothing and equipment list is provided upon registration.

6-Day Burnaby Narrows Kayaking Tour

6 Day Tour

Experience the unrivaled biodiversity of K'iid Xyangs K’iidaay (Burnaby Narrows), one of the most biodiverse marine ecosystems in the world.

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6-Day Southern Waters of SGang Gwaay

6 Day Tour

Discover the breathtaking seclusion of Kunghit Island during a 6-day journey through Southern Gwaii Haanas, with an aim to visit the ancient village site of SGang Gwaay and secluded beaches.

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6-Day Haida Watchmen Site Journey

6 Day Tour

Immerse yourself in the rich history of the ancient Haida civilization as we explore their once-thriving village sites.

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8-Day Southern Gwaii Haanas Expedition

8 Day Tour

Explore the stunning landscape of Southern Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve on an enthralling 8-day wilderness adventure.

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Book Your Sea Kayaking Trip of a Lifetime with Butterfly Tours

Experience the untouched beauty of Gwaii Haanas' isolated east side with multi-day kayaking tours.

Immerse yourself in the otherworldly coastline, comprised of clusters of islands, jagged headlands, secluded beaches and tranquil inlets.

Encounter a diverse range of marine life in their natural environment including humpback whales, ancient murrelets, salmon and tufted puffins.

Witness nature's unbelievable beauty firsthand on our breathtaking tours through pristine landscapes. Experience raw and exquisite assets like never before.

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