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We aim to help people appreciate the entire harmonious ecosystem of the area. As much as we would like to promise you the sighting of killer whales, their movement varies with the seasons. No one has control over any natural wildlife, no matter how much we try. We prefer to be honest and let you know now that we cannot guarantee any wildlife encounters. We like to let nature take its course rather than trying to chase the whales, who sometimes prefer not to be seen. That said, we will try our best to take you to the ideal spots and patiently observe.

Let us share our passion for this magical area with you on an adventure that will leave you changed forever.

Wesley Gibson, Owner/ Lead Guide

Wesley proudly holds a Level 3 Sea Kayak certification from the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of British Columbia. Born and raised near the breathtaking Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Wesley found himself irresistibly drawn to the enchanting west coast upon completing his studies in adventure tourism.

Jumping into his guiding journey on British Columbia's picturesque Sunshine Coast, Wesley soon found himself venturing into the spellbinding waters of Johnstone Strait and Broughton Archipelago. This exploration was both for professional purposes, as he led and managed one of Vancouver Island's top kayaking businesses, and for personal enjoyment.

In 2019, Wesley established "At the Water's Edge Adventures" as a means to transform his passion into an avenue for others to experience the life-changing beauty of nature. As a fervent naturalist, he relishes every opportunity to delve deeper into the wonders of the British Columbia coastline.

Wesley's enthusiasm for exploring the stunning British Columbia coastline has taken him far and wide, from Victoria to Prince Rupert. His innate connection to nature has bolstered his admiration for community, fueling his desire to share these remarkable experiences with others.

By 2023, Wesley realized a new dream by purchasing Butterfly Tours after once more being captivated by the rugged and spectacular Gwaii Haanas coastline. He strongly believes that Haida Gwaii presents a world-class kayaking destination.

An avid bowhunter, Wesley cherishes the opportunity to immerse himself in diverse environments while also gaining a deeper understanding of the land he explores. This passion not only defines his connection to nature but also informs his dedication to sharing these experiences with an international audience.

Wesley enthusiastically welcomes guests from across the globe, eager to impart his love for Haida Gwaii's unparalleled kayaking opportunities. By intertwining natural wonders with a sense of community and adventure, Wesley enriches every expedition through his own passion and expertise.

Wesley Gibson - Owner Guide of Butterfly Tours

Rob Watson, Owner/ Lead Guide

Rob, our esteemed owner and guide, brings over a decade of exceptional experience to the world of kayak guiding. Having migrated from Ontario in 2010, he has devoted countless hours immersing himself in the wonders of nature. His dedication and expertise have earned him the esteemed title of a certified Guide Trainer through the SKGABC, and he is currently striving towards his Guide Examiner Certification.

In 2018, Rob embarked on an awe-inspiring journey, circumnavigating Moresby Island in a remarkable span of just 22 days. This remarkable feat was later immortalized in a captivating book titled "Along the Knifes Edge," authored by his intrepid paddling partner and best friend, Kevin Ucci. During this extraordinary adventure, Rob discovered his profound love for Haida Gwaii, a place that touched his soul. Finally, in 2023, his dreams came to fruition as he became a proud co-owner of Butterfly Tours. Now, he is filled with boundless excitement as he gets to share his passion and business with all his cherished friends and co-guides who work with him.

Driven by an unbridled passion for nature and a desire to live amongst remote communities, Rob made the bold decision to leave his flourishing career in the mechanized ski world. Determined to expand his horizons, he returned to school, undertaking rigorous studies in Marine Biology & Earth Science at the esteemed University of Victoria and Bamfield Marine Science Center. Equipped with a wealth of scientific knowledge encompassing seaweeds, invertebrates, weather, marine mammals, and animal behavior, Rob eagerly imparts this wisdom to all those fortunate enough to join his expeditions.

Not only admired by his friends, colleagues, and esteemed guests, Rob possesses an innate athletic prowess that could have propelled him towards a professional sports career. However, he valiantly chose to follow his dreams, immersing himself in the captivating realms of the ocean and the mountains. In harmonious conjunction with nature's resplendence, Rob's passion crafts an extraordinary experience that will forever resonate in your heart and soul. Prepare to be lifted to unimaginable heights and cherish memories that shall endure for a lifetime.

Rob Watson - Operations Manager

Dave Hilder, Level 3 Guide

In an alternate reality, Dave Hilder could have been a rockstar drummer touring the world with his band. However, fate led him to the breathtaking coastlines and wilderness of British Columbia. Dave has become an expert in navigating ocean landscapes surrounding Vancouver Island, Haida Gwaii, and the Central Coast.

As he explored the rugged beauty of the BC coast, Dave's love for nature grew into a passion for sharing it with others, especially through guiding and education. His goal is to not only educate his guests about the environment but also promote conservation and foster a strong sense of community among like-minded adventurers.

Dave's skills extend beyond being an excellent guide. He is also a talented cook who loves preparing delicious meals that reflect his love for nature. He brings his culinary expertise to guests in remote camps, providing unforgettable dining experiences surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

With Dave as a guide, you are guaranteed not only a spectacular adventure but also heartwarming companionship. He is known for providing an infectious, positive energy that brings out the best in people; expect constant smiles and laughter throughout your journey.

Witnessing the reactions of joy and wonder on his guests' faces fuels Dave's motivation as he continually strives to share nature's grandeur with everyone he meets. Time spent adventuring with him will undoubtedly be unforgettable due in large part to his endless enthusiasm.

In conclusion, Dave Hilder may not perform on a global stage as a drummer today, but he has found his calling traversing the majestic British Columbia coast. He moreover cherishes sharing this awe-inspiring experience with fellow adventure enthusiasts while imparting valuable lessons about our ecosystem. It's this passion that makes him one of the top guides on the coast, and encountering Dave guarantees you an unforgettable, laughter-filled, and heartwarming adventure.

Dave Hilder - Level 3 Guide

Dan Finer, Level 3 Guide

Dan, also known as "Danny Boi", was born and raised on the beautiful Saltspring Island. His profound connection with nature began at the age of 14 when he embarked on kayaking adventures around the captivating Gulf Islands of coastal British Columbia. It was during these explorations that he truly fell in love with the intricate ecosystems that grace the BC coast, cherishing the opportunity to immerse himself in their wonders while floating on the serene waters. Growing up in this coastal paradise, Daniel has developed a profound appreciation for the marine wonderland that he calls home.

For over a decade, Daniel has shared his passion for the sea as a seasoned Sea kayak guide. Guiding eager adventurers through the enchanting waters of the Gulf Islands, Johnstone Strait, Gwaii Haanas and the Broughton Archipelago, he has honed his skills and knowledge, becoming a trusted expert in his field. In 2022, he took on a unique role as the Warden for the Robson bight ecological reserve, embracing the opportunity to educate boaters about the importance of safe practices when encountering wildlife.

More recently, he embarked on an incredible winter expedition in Antarctica, where he thrived as a leader of the kayak program and as a skilled zodiac driver and guide. His time spent in the pristine beauty of Antarctica reinforced his deep passion for marine life, both the majestic and the minuscule, and their interconnectedness.

With an unwavering commitment to education, Dan is driven to enlighten others about the magnificent world that lies beneath the waves. His dedication knows no bounds as he aims to cultivate an appreciation and understanding of the intricate relationships within the marine realm.

Dan Finer - Level 3 Guide

Maia Beauvais, Level 3 Guide

Maia grew up in the beautiful Southern Gulf Islands, where her lifelong love for paddling was ignited. With over a decade of experience navigating the stunning BC coast, she has established herself as one of the most passionate and knowledgeable guides in the region. Maia's deep admiration for the natural world, particularly salmon, led her to actively participate in a pivotal protest to protect these remarkable creatures from harmful salmon farming in the Broughton Archipelago, which she proudly called home for many years.

As Maia's journey continued, her love for adventure and dedication to environmental stewardship led her further north. She embraced the opportunity to guide and work as a tree planter and environmental technician in the picturesque town of Terrace, BC. Currently, she resides in Laxyuumb Ts’msyen, surrounded by a garage filled with an impressive collection of boats and skiing equipment. In the past, Maia was fortunate enough to live on the magnificent Haida Gwaii, where she immersed herself in paddling, fishing, and exploring the enchanting mossy forests.

The enriching experiences that Maia has encountered along her path have fostered a profound gratitude within her. She is thrilled and humbled to embark on a new adventure this summer with Butterfly Tours, where she will have the opportunity to delve into the awe-inspiring landscapes by kayak. With Maia as your guide, prepare to be captivated by the beauty of nature, inspired by her passion, and enlightened by her extensive knowledge. This journey promises to be an unforgettable exploration of the wonders that lie just beyond the horizon.

Maia Beauvais - Level 3 Guide

Kai Friele, Level 2 Guide

Kai, born in the coastal town of Squamish BC, was raised amidst the beauty of the ocean, trails, lakes, rivers, and forests that thrive within the temperate rainforest. Growing up in the lap of nature, his naturalist parents instilled in him an unwavering passion for ecology and outdoor exploration. At the tender age of four, Kai had his first taste of sea kayaking, nestled in the centre hatch of a double kayak, surrounded by a custom skirt and a makeshift seat. Lulled to sleep by the gentle whispers of salt-spray and the rhythmic swell, that initial experience paved the way for an adventurous journey that lay ahead.

Over the years, Kai has embarked on numerous multi-week expedition paddling trips, each one a testament to his indomitable spirit and love for nature. From the lower Stikine River and LeConte Bay, to Hakai to Bella Bella, to a captivating circumnavigation of Price and Swindle Islands in the central coast near Klemtu, to the awe-inspiring Coppermine River, and the mesmerizing west coast of Moresby Island in Haida Gwaii, Kai has delved into the heart of these wild landscapes, experiencing their raw beauty firsthand. In parallel to his outdoor pursuits, Kai is currently pursuing a degree in forest biology and ecology at the esteemed University of Victoria. Through his academic journey, he seeks to unravel the intricate complexities of the natural world, further deepening his understanding of these remarkable ecosystems.

In 2022, Kai fortuitously stumbled into the world of guiding. Inspired by a transformative personal trip with friends, Kai was captured by the idea of sharing his deep connection to the wild and inviting others into these captivating ecosystems. Driven by his boundless enthusiasm as a naturalist, he eagerly embarks on each new adventure, fervently sharing his observations and igniting a passion for our rainforest home among all those who cross his path.

Kai Friele - Level 2 Guide

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