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Butterfly Tours 8-day Packing List

This is a list of all the recommended items to pack on your 8-day Expedition through Gwaii Haanas.

Guests will be provided with two seal-line drybags (20L & 10L) that offer 30L of space to pack all your items. Water bottles, sleeping bags, and shoes do not need to fit inside these dry bags.

In addition, we will provide a 5L dry bag for gear like your cellphone, camera, sunscreen, hat, gloves, etc., that you can access on the water. Unfortunately, butterfly tours do not provide a sleeping bag, compression sac, or rain gear. (Rentals may be available if ordered in advance).

Butterfly tours provides the following: Tent, drybags, and paddling equipment (PFD, paddle, skirt, safety equipment, kayak).

Foot & Hand Gear

  • 1 pair supportive medium-weight fabric/leather trail boots with good traction soles, for wearing on shore
  • 1 pair neoprene booties with thick soles, for wearing in the kayak
  • 2 to 3 pairs warm socks, wool or synthetic
  • 1 to 2 pairs light-weight synthetic liner-socks (please do not bring cotton socks)
  • 1 pair neoprene "grip-palm" paddling gloves with curved fingers (these are optional)
    • (Appropriate socks and boots will make a big difference to your trip)

Lower Body Clothing

  • 1 pair shorts, fast drying synthetic is best
  • 1 pair warm long pants, wool or synthetic
  • 1 pair lightweight long pants, fast drying synthetic
  • 1 pair rain pants, waterproof coated nylon or Gore-Tex, etc.
  • 4 to 6 pairs underwear, synthetic or wool (see online resource)
  • 1 pair long johns, synthetic or wool (not cotton)

Upper Body Clothing

  • 1 lightweight merino wool t-shirt
  • 1 light-weight long-sleeved UV protective sun shirt
  • 1 or 2 light-weight long-sleeved wool or synthetic undershirts
  • 1 medium-weight long-sleeved wool or synthetic shirt
  • 1 warm heavy-weight wool or synthetic shirt
  • 2 sweaters or jackets, synthetic or wool
  • 1 vest, synthetic or wool
  • 1 neck gaiter or scarf, wool or synthetic
  • 1 waterproof paddling jacket or a quality rain jacket with sleeves capable of closing tightly
    • (see the online resource for detailed information on paddling jackets & rain jackets)
  • Women: sport bra, synthetic or merino wool (not cotton)
  • Head Gear
  • 1 sun hat with firm, windproof brim - adjustable for snug fit and with a chin-strap
  • 1 warm hat - a synthetic or wool warm hat is required
  • 1 synthetic or wool balaclava, or ski mask (extremely practical; small, light & warm, please bring one!)
  • 1 sou'wester rain hat (to fit over warm hat) or a hood on your rain jacket
  • 1 cotton bandana or handkerchief
  • Merino wool and synthetic clothing materials are highly recommended.
  • Down and cotton insulate extremely poorly when wet and dry very slowly.
  • Wool insulates well when wet, although wool dries fairly slowly.
  • Synthetic materials insulate well when wet and dry quickly.

Required Equipment

  • 1 medium-weight 100% synthetic sleeping bag (do not bring a down-filled, or cotton-lined sleeping bag)
  • 1 sleeping pad (Thermarest, or closed-cell foam)
  • 1 sturdy frame-less day pack, capable of compressing very small when empty (for day-hikes)
  • 1 or 2 water bottles - approximately one litre capacity each
  • 1 headlamp with extra batteries
  • 3-4 5-10L small stuff sacs and garbage bags to waterproof all your gear. (No more than 40L total) – No bigger than 20L dry bags
  • 6 spare empty garbage bags and 3 spare empty small nylon stuff sacs - for reorganizing your gear
    • (large garbage bags are ok - the garden-size bags are too large, kitchen bags are too small)
  • several medium and large size ziplock freezer bags (very useful)
  • small quick-drying camp towel, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.
  • sun block lotion & lip protection, SPF 15 or more (waterproof)
  • insect repellent
  • sunglasses - 100% UVA & UVB protection (eyeglasses should be secured with a head/neck strap)
  • pocket knife, lighter and whistle with lanyard (keep whistle with you at all times when on shore)
  • contingency funds - please bring approximately $450 cash and a credit card
  • 1 large duffel bag to carry all of your gear (see the online resource for details)
  • (duffel bag must fit through kayak hatch when empty - mesh duffel bags are often the most compressible)
  • Women: extra tampons and/or sanitary napkins (increased activity may cause irregular menses)
  • Contact lens wearers: lens cleaning & storage facilities plus spare eyeglasses with head/neck strap
  • Diabetics: glucometer in a waterproof case, glucagon emergency kit and an extra supply of insulin

Optional Equipment

  • 1 waterproof compression dry sack (very useful if you have a large sleeping bag, or lots of gear)
  • Gore-Tex oversocks (very useful in wet weather)
  • 1 “fuzzy rubber” skull cap (highly recommended if you tend to feel cold during wet & windy weather)
  • 1 pair light-weight wool or synthetic gloves
  • thick knee pads (useful for fitting small people into kayaks and kneeling beside boats while loading gear)
  • neoprene elbow braces (for quick insulation and joint support)
  • camera with spare batteries & extra memory card - in waterproof case; please consider insurance
  • binoculars - in waterproof case; please consider insurance
  • compass, chart case and laminated charts (see the online resource for information and chart numbers)
  • journal, playing cards, books or e-reader (see the online resource for suggested reading material)
  • 1 roll of toilet paper (see the online resource for a brief description of the “global technique”)
  • Handi-Wipes or other moist towelettes for personal hygiene
  • bug-jacket or insect-netting headgear (bugs are rarely a problem on Haida Gwaii)
  • swimsuit
  • earplugs (some people sleep better with earplugs)
  • 15 meters (50 feet) light utility cord (this is string, not thick rope - it's for general use; clothes-lines etc.)
  • 25 lb. fishing line and several "Buzz Bomb" lures (fishing rods not recommended - see online resource)
  • Tidal waters fishing license - available online: dfo-mpo.gc.ca
  • waterproof marker for labeling bags
  • small roll-top dry bags (to substitute for stuff sacs and garbage bags)
  • favorite goodies or alcohol to share during the trip (perhaps a wine carton to keep in Rose Harbour for the last night)
  • Conserve space; use collapsible containers like Dromedary bags or wine skins
  • ski goggles (some people prefer to wear goggles on the speedboat)

Please also see Packing for a Kayak Trip for more information.

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