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Your final dinner in Sandspit

Meal at Raincoast BreadsRaincoast Breads is a must-visit dining destination in Canada, where haute cuisine takes on a whole new level of excitement and delight. Take a gastronomic journey through the heart and soul of the region's culinary delights, capturing the essence of both time and space. Being the trailblazers in foraging wild ingredients, Raincoast Breads curate extraordinary, hyper-local, seasonal dinner tasting menus that pay homage to the bounties of the North Oceanic cuisines, effortlessly blending flavors from the enchanting forests to the mesmerizing shores.

This season, the dedicated team at Raincoast Breads is fervently working to strengthen the connection between humans, nature, and culture. Their mission is to bring attention to the often overlooked elements that exist in our everyday lives, aiming to rekindle a sense of wonder. Embracing the ethos of constant movement, observation, and a deep appreciation for the temporality and seasonality dictated by Haida Gwaii's local tidal systems, our final dinner will invite you to embark on a journey like no other.

Another Meal at Raincoast BreadsAt Raincoast Breads, their ingredients are carefully sourced directly from the frigid depths of the ocean and the mesmerizing shorelines. They have harnessed the power of the tidal limbs that grace the Riparian forest, infusing their creations with the very essence of Haida Gwaii. With every bite, you delve into a world where flavors transcend their culinary origins, becoming conduits of history, tradition, and a profound respect for the land.

Step into our realm, where Raincoast Breads bakers pour their heart and soul into every loaf, coaxing the ingredients to reveal their true character. Inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Haida Gwaii, their food encapsulate a narrative that dates back centuries. The secrets of the land, the whispers of the wind, and the harmonious dance of the tides all find their expression in their creative dishes.

As you savor each plate meal, you become intertwined in the tapestry of Haida Gwaii's story. A symphony of flavors unfolds, as the salty breezes of the ocean mingle with the earthy aromas of the dense coastal forests. Every mouthful is a sensory adventure, where you can taste the very essence of this mystical place.

The final dinner included in all of our 2024 6 & 8 Day tours is an exquisite dining experience. As you return to Sandspit on the last day of your tour, dinner will be served promptly at 7-7:30 pm. Take a moment to reflect on your unforgettable journey through Gwaii Hannas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site while indulging in a delectable 10-course meal.

Menu Example

Rainforest Breads Website


Cream of Wild Mushrooms

Tlunna Candlaay (Sach's Creek), Diina Candll (Deena River)

Chanteerelle, Oyster, Prince and Field Mushrooms, Shiitake, Wild Celery, Tempura, Estuary Yarrow Buds and Greens, Calder's Lovage, Cow's Parsnip, Angelica, Red Stalk Celery, Queen Anne's Lace Leaf

Raincoast Garden Salad

Gwiigun Stl'lng (Sandspit Bay to Cape Chroustcheff)

Heirloom Tomato, Purple Onion, Kalamata, Garden Cucumber, Feta, Purple Romaine, Purslane, Purple Shamrock, Pansies, Blackened Garlic

Chicken Fried Woods

Gwiigun Stl'lng (Sandspit Bay to Cape Chroustcheff)

Daisy Kraut Ranchish, Pale Milk Cap (Lactarius Resimus) Kimchi (Optional Hottest Sauce You will Ever Taste.. Just ask)

Moresby Island Margherita

Gwiigun Stl'lng (Sandspit Bay to Cape Chroustcheff)

Moresby Island Tomatoes, Basil and Marinara, "Pingo Bay" Sour Dough Crust, Bocconcini

Sockeyesalmon and Sorrel

Gwiigun Stl'lng (Sandspit Bay to Cape Chroustcheff)

Sheep's Sorrel, Upland Cress Blossums

Farmer's Market Tri Colour Beans

Gwiigun Stl'lng (Sandspit Bay to Cape Chroustcheff)

Riparian Miso Butter, Blackened "Remi Gauthier's" Garlic


Raincost Garden Yellow Summer Squash

Gwiigun Stl'lng (Sandspit Bay to Cape Chroustcheff)

Garlic Butter, Blackened "Remi Gauthier's" Garlic

Cajun Duck

Gwiigun Stl'lng (Sandspit Bay to Cape Chroustcheff)

Sauce Pimenton, Warm Chive Jam, Steamed Spinach Blight, Japanese Rainbow Corn Leaf

Nasturtuim Farci

Gwiigun Stl'lng (Sandspit Bay to Cape Chroustcheff)

Heirloom Tomato, Cream, Sea Rocket, Fragrant Basil, Ruby Beet Leaves, Ricotta, Oxalis Blossoms

Sablefish Adobo

Tlunna Candlaay (Sach's Creek) Gwiigun Stl'lng (Sandspit Bay to Cape Chroustcheff)

Summer Squash Waffle, Sea Asparagus, Marinated Paddy Pan Squash, Artichoke Sorrel Jus

Oatmeal Sorrel Sandwhich

Sorrel Leaves, Apple Pie, Glacage, Raspberries

Moresby Island Tomatoes, Basil and Marinara, "Pingo Bay" Sour Dough Crust, Bocconcini

Jenny's Honeypot

Very Fragrant Raw Honey, Organic Cream, Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Pastry, Huckleberries

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