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Southern Waters of SGang Gwaay – 8-day Kayak Expedition

  • Most Equipment Provided
  • All Meals provided
  • Friendly & certified Guides

Endeavor into Southern Gwaii Haanas National Park for an 8-day wilderness journey towards SGang Gwaay.

On this 8-day long tour, we will start on the southern end of Gwaii Haanas National Park. We will explore the isolated and pristine southernmost tip of Gwaii Haanas, an area preserved in its natural state. Concentrating in the most remote region of Gwaii Haanas enables us to experience deep wilderness during each day of our kayak tours. Here, the vast temperate rainforests include giant old-growth cedar, spruce, and hemlock, entirely untouched by modern logging. This tour will focus on reaching the waters surrounding the ancient village site of SGang Gwaay, which provides some of the most interesting and diverse kayaking opportunities in the entire National Park Reserve. This distant region highlights the very best of what Gwaii Haanas has to offer. Fabulous campsites and beaches are plentiful throughout the waters of SGang Gwaay. We enjoy touring through this isolated and varied coastline in detail, often pausing to observe the abundant wildlife. We quietly explore the incredible and remote southern region for eight days by kayak.

  • Experience the Southern section of Gwaii Haanas National park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site extensively by kayak — the least invasive form of transportation in the area
  • Use expedition-level equipment (high quality kayaks, paddles, paddling gear, paddling clothing, camping gear)
  • All guides are highly experienced with the area and have professional training outside of their guiding certifications regarding risk management, hazard analysis, interpretation and more
  • Experience the abundant wilderness of the area: bears, birds, orcas, sea lions… Without a doubt, you’re bound to be speechless throughout your adventure
  • An extended 8-day tour that will take you away from the hustle of busy day life and immerse you in nature’s finest element and the culture of the Haida.
  • All of your meals are included in the tour price so that you don’t have to worry about various extra costs
  • Must Bring your own sleeping bag, thermarest, and paddling gear. All other gear is included (Tent, paddle, kayak, skirt, PFD, group gear)

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$2799 CAD per person

2023 Availability
June 18 - 25 6 Spots
July 6 - July 13 8 Spots
July 17 - July 24 8 Spots
August 12 - August 19 8 Spots
August 30 - Sept 6 6 Spots
Meeting time

7:30 am

Meeting point

At your accommodation in Sandspit, BC


June- September


8 days, 7 nights

Group size

2 minimum, 8 maximum

Participation requirements

Due to the remote and lengthy nature of this trip, we recommend that participants are 16 years and older and have some experience with remote, self-supported trips. Minors (under 19) will require a parent/guardian signature for our waiver, and all participants must fill out a medical form before booking. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us.

We ask all who come to bring a respectful attitude towards the natural environment and your fellow kayakers. The weather and wildlife are out of our control, but our attitudes are not!

Cancellation Policy

We will try to reschedule or refund. Please check our terms & conditions for more information.

Our 8-day Waters of SGang GwaayDay One - Waters of SGang Gwaay- Southern Route:

Our trips begin in Sandspit, BC. Guests are picked up in the morning at Seaport B&B (or another Sandspit accommodation of your choice) at 7:30 am for the one-hour van ride to Moresby Camp. Here, you board a large Zodiac-style speedboat for transport to the southern tip of the archipelago.

Around midday, you arrive at the famous narrows of Burnaby Island, isolated community of Rose Harbour to begin your kayak exploration.

Totem southern guaii tripDays Two to Seven

The Southern Waters of SGang Gwaay trip takes you to a number of rarely visited remote beaches, some with exposure to the open Pacific, making them a beachcomber's dream.

The rugged outer coast consists of jutting headlands and sheltered bays, as well as the exquisite Gordon Islands cluster. Humpback whales, steller sea lions and horned puffins thrive in this rich and diverse marine environment.

Visit the ancient Haida village and UNESCO World Heritage Site of SGang Gwaay Linagaay (Ninstints) on Anthony Island. Numerous carved mortuary and memorial poles overlook the village and longhouse ruins are still visibly prominent.

Haida Watchmen working at the site can explain the carvings on the poles and provide insightful interpretations of the village and their ancestors who once lived there. Spend a day exploring the island and experiencing the sense of mystery that lingers in this ancient village.

During the trip, we paddle throughout the waters surrounding SGang Gwaay. This region is truly a kayaker's paradise, with countless inlets, coves, beaches and islands to explore. We camp on soft, thick moss amongst the giant old-growth cedar, spruce and hemlock that flourish in the lush temperate rainforests of Gwaii Haanas. We generally paddle to a new campsite each day the weather and sea conditions allow us to. The overall length of this expedition is around ~40 NM (~75 km).

After enjoying several days of paddling and camping in this truly wild region of the coast, we return to Rose Harbour area on the second-to-last day. Our last night is spent around the Northern End of Kunghit Island near Rose Harbour to allow for our water taxi back to Sandspit.

Day Eight

The speedboat arrives in Rose Harbour area to transport the group to Sandspit. Depending on conditions, the boat may pass back through Burnaby Narrows. At the end of the day, you are returned to Seaport B&B, or another Sandspit accommodation of your choice.


This tour involves eight days of kayaking, and some of those days, we paddle as much as 20 km or more and camp in remote areas with very no developed services. It is best for ages 16 years old and above, especially those who have experience with remote, self-supported trips. However, we appreciate the universal benefits nature has on every one of us. Routes and itineraries remain very flexible to accommodate changeable west coast conditions.

Please contact us directly if you are interested in this adventure and do not have previous experience.

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