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The "Butterfly way" refers to our style of travel. It is based in communication, cooperation and the eternal principles of seaworthiness. The Butterfly way evolved during well over a quarter-century of sea kayak tours and expeditions on Haida Gwaii. It is a considerate method of wilderness travel and appropriate conduct, most appreciated by team players.

Your Level Three Guides certified through the Sea Kayak Guide Alliance of British Columbia are talented, life-long professional guide dedicated to facilitating quality sea kayaking experiences with expedition participants and tour guests. Their grounded, insightful approach to wilderness exploration is uniquely adapted to remote marine environments.

Yellow kayak with gear on a Haida Gwaii beachOur kayaking trips are designed for participants who are reasonably able-bodied. Dependable reflexes, as well as practical levels of balance, fitness and coordination are necessary, yet there is no need for our guests to be accomplished athletes.

Paddling a fully loaded single touring kayak or a double touring kayak in the North Pacific feels quite different than propelling an unloaded vessel on placid waters. A properly loaded kayak provides excellent ballast and momentum, yet requires some effort to initially achieve optimum cruising speed.

Our guides are experienced kayak instructors; we help people develop efficient paddling techniques. Each guest is provided with the opportunity to learn how to effectively propel a single or double kayak. With a positive attitude and reasonable physical capabilities, most paddlers can enjoy touring at optimum cruising speed in our single or double kayaks.

Kayaking on Haida Gwaii requires a flexible itinerary in order to appropriately adapt to changing conditions. We generally paddle up to five hours in a day and take occasional rest stops on shore to stretch our legs. Summer storms are possible. If it becomes too windy, we remain on shore.

People who become comfortable with "being in the moment" tend to gain more pleasure from our trips, compared to those whose attention may be continually focused on reaching some other destination.

Most Butterfly Tours participants are unmistakably drawn to Haida Gwaii, seeking more than simply "crossing it off a bucket list." If you are a team player who is able-bodied, open to learning and willing to adapt to changeable conditions, please consider joining us.

Refining Unparalleled Style

Butterfly Tours has refined an unparalleled style of travel which emphasizes adventure, freedom & flexibility, appreciation of nature, aesthetics, history, health & enjoyment and of course, professional risk management.

Humpback whale breaching off Haida Gwaii coastAdventure

Meet the challenge of self-propelled travel in this remote wilderness environment. Paddle a single or double kayak while experiencing the moods of this distant archipelago. Ride the current through a channel, cross a bay into the wind, or sail effortlessly down an inlet. Land a salmon, ride the surf, or appreciate the power of a summer storm from the shelter of our campsite. Witness the elements and realize the expanse of mountains, sea and sky.

Freedom & Flexibility

Coordinate yourself with the schedule of the tide, sun and wind rather than the wristwatch. Enjoy the liberties and rewards of paddling a single or double kayak. When on shore, guests are free to beachcomb, whale watch, enjoy a nap, explore the rainforests, or relax by the campfire sharing stories and reflections with new friends.

Appreciation of Nature

Experience the rhythms of the sea. Feel the timeless quality of wandering through old-growth forests. Live in harmony with the natural world as you quietly paddle through this remote wilderness. Aesthetics

Unique metaphysical qualities exist within Gwaii Haanas. This wilderness archipelago is able to cultivate deep and positive effects on people. For decades, intangible elements have helped evolve our unique style of travel.


Explore the hereditary home of the Haida Nation. Visit ancient Haida village sites with standing totem poles and longhouse beams. Our guide's knowledge of anthropology and local culture enhances the trip with stories of village life, chiefs and slaves, explorers and traders, shamans, potlatches, wood paddles and the cedar canoe.

Health & Enjoyment

Enhance your personal well-being with daily exercise and fun in the fresh sea air. Build friendships through participation and laughter.

Professional Risk Management

Our trips operate on a solid foundation of professional risk management. Your Guides are certified by the Sea Kayak Guide Alliance of British Columbia as a Class III lead guide. Your Guides complies with the SKGABC professional operating standards and advanced wilderness first aid & medicine qualifications. Each trip is equipped with two marine VHF radios, and an Inreach. More notably, the risk management techniques our guides have provided a long history of incident-free adventure travel.

Enjoy the many advantages of traveling with the most experienced sea kayak guide in Gwaii Haanas National Park.

6-Day Burnaby Narrows Kayaking Tour

6 Day Tour

Experience the unrivaled biodiversity of K'iid Xyangs K’iidaay (Burnaby Narrows), one of the most biodiverse marine ecosystems in the world.

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6-Day Southern Waters of SGang Gwaay

6 Day Tour

Discover the breathtaking seclusion of Kunghit Island during a 6-day journey through Southern Gwaii Haanas, with an aim to visit the ancient village site of SGang Gwaay and secluded beaches.

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6-Day Haida Watchmen Site Journey

5 Day Tour

Immerse yourself in the rich history of the ancient Haida civilization as we explore their once-thriving village sites.

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8-Day Southern Gwaii Haanas Expedition

8 Day Tour

Explore the stunning landscape of Southern Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve on an enthralling 8-day wilderness adventure.

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Book Your Sea Kayaking Trip of a Lifetime with Butterfly Tours

Experience the untouched beauty of Gwaii Haanas' isolated east side with multi-day kayaking tours.

Immerse yourself in the otherworldly coastline, comprised of clusters of islands, jagged headlands, secluded beaches and tranquil inlets.

Encounter a diverse range of marine life in their natural environment including humpback whales, ancient murrelets, salmon and tufted puffins.

Witness nature's unbelievable beauty firsthand on our breathtaking tours through pristine landscapes. Experience raw and exquisite assets like never before.

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